80 and newer wire class


Any American-made sedan or station wagon 1980 and newer

Helmet, seat belt, and eye protection must be worn at all times. Long sleeves and Long pants required.

Any controversies or protests must be brought up during the drivers meeting.

Any questions call first. If it doesn’t say you can don’t do it. Cars must be stock. No painting of the frames. If the car is black it must have a 12″ x 12″ roof sign.

Judges decisions are final. All cars are subject to re-inspection at any time before, during, or after the event. All glass, plastic, and interior must be removed before arriving to the event.


Trailer hitches and braces must be removed. No frame welding other than what is stated in the rules.

No tilting OR COLD BENDING of frames will be permitted. No seam welding on frames permitted.

No frame shaping or hammering permitted. You may crease, notch, or dimple rear frame to help car roll.

You may weld the bumper to shock plate and weld the bumper shock where they collapse there must be at least a 1“ gap between bumper and frame if using a factory bumper shock.Bumper may be welded directly to frame if this is done shock must be removed Completely. No adding metal. On the back side of bumper where shock mounts you may use A ¼” X 6” X 6” piece of flat metal to create a flat mounting surface.

Bumper swaps ok must be factory car bumper any year bumper permitted. Bumpers can not be seam welded and cannot have any metal added to bumpers.

Car must set level bumpers cannot be higher than 18” to bottom of bumper.


Drivers Door may be welded solid outside seam only. All other doors must be wired, chained, or banded shut. 8 double strands of 9 wire permitted per door.

Deck lids must be in original position above rain channels. No wedging some body creasing is ok.

Hood can be wired shut ONLY. 8 double strand of #9 wire 2 may go around bumper and or frame. Hoods must be open for inspection. (12″ x 12″ hole over carburetor). Deck lids may be wired same way no welding permitted you must have a 12” X 12” inspection hole in deck lids.

Factory body bolts may be changed to ½” bolts there must be a 1 “gap between body and frame you can use steel spacers, hockey pucks, or stack of washers nothing used may be bigger than 3” in diameter. Body washers inside of car can be no bigger than 3” in diameter.

No seam welding will be permitted on body. Repairing sheet metal is limited to where the battery box and gas tank and drivers area of the floor boards of the car.

Front body space may be 4” tall maximum.

You may have a bar in the dash area and a bar behind the seat with bars connecting the dash and rear bar on each side. Side bars must be inside of car not inside of doors. Roll over bar is permitted No down legs permitted. Gussets permitted in corners of cage must be done at corners only. No bigger than 4” in diameter bars and you can use a ¼” X 10” X 10” plate to attach bars to the sheet metal. No kickers or down legs permitted.

Dash bar must be 5” from firewall rear bar can be no farther back than where the kick panel meets the seat all bars must be 5” off the floor. Gas tank protectors are permitted no wider than 24” permitted.

Original gas tank must be removed and replaced with a boat-type tank or fuel cell. Moved inside of car behind driver’s seat but no further back than rear axle. Batteries must be moved to passenger side floor board and securely fastened these must be covered with A rubber or non-flammable material.


Tie Rods may be reinforced. Any rear end permitted you may use 2″ X 2″ square tubing or 2″ round pipe for rear trailing arms. Cars must be stock.

Watts link conversions on 98 and newer cars are permitted you may use ¼” X 2” X 2” square tubing or 2” round pipe for rear trailing arms.

Any rear end permitted. No all thread shocks rear end must use a factory shock.

No spacers or other metal permitted in, on top of, or around coil spring inside of frame on front coil springs.

Rear coil springs may be wired or chained. All suspension components must remain factory stock. No modifications will be permitted. Unless otherwise noted in the rules. Front coil springs must remain stock car coil springs

You can weld a 1/4″ X 2″ X 2″ plate front and rear of A arms to get ride height cars do not have to bounce.

Leaf spring cars must remain factory springs. You cannot change coil spring to leaf spring set ups.

Any tire may be used.


Any car motor of choice is permitted. Must use stock engine frame mounts no solid mounts permitted. No chains on engine permitted.

Angles for cross member can’t be longer than 5″ and must be within 12″ from factory location.

Transmission and engine mounts have to factory or OEM replacement mounts only no homemade frame mounts can be used.

No full engine cradles permitted. You may use a distributer protector and lower engine cradle with pully protector the engine cradle cannot connect to the DP.

No other modifications may be made to car unless they are stated in the rules above if you stretch a rule you will lose that rule.no welds on frame!we have the right to re-inspect, cut, or drill any car at any time. if you are caught breaking the rules set here forth you will forfeit any and all winnings and or prizes you are due. No refunds on illegal cars.