2022 Truck and Tractor Pull Rules

Pure Stock Class #9

  1. Must be 1992 or older
  2. Can be gas or diesel
  3. No Turbo’s
  4. 20” hitch height
  5. No hanging weights of any kind
  6. Blocking rear suspension allowed
  7. Must pull off of Reese style hitch. May NOT pull from bumper or pro style pulling hitch.
  8. All motors must be stock to the truck!
  9. If you pull in the Pro/Altered Stock class you may NOT enter this class.

Note to Pullers: This is a pure stock class sponsored by Jackson Center FFA designed to get the next generation into pulling so the sport continues.


Pro Stock Class #10

  1. 26” hitch height
  2. Front weights allowed
  3. Must be D.O.T. tires
  4. No exhaust through the hood. Open headers allowed
  5. Traction bars allowed
  6. Must have spring suspension but can be blocked
  7. Aluminum intake allowed
  8. Single 4 barrel carb
  9. No dual carbs, no dominator carb, no predator carb.
  10. No turbos, no super chargers, no nitrous/pressured fuels.
  11. No dual rear wheels, no bar tires, no studded tires
  12. Officials decision is final.

NOTE TO ALL PULLERS: If you don’t fit into a class you can hook for $20 as exhibition pull only.