General rules


Any OSATPA member, crew member, event promoter or sled operator being un-sportsmanlike or exhibiting unprofessional conduct will be grounds for automatic disqualification. This includes but is not limited to: abusive language, aggressive physical action by any person, deliberate delay of event, etc. Should an OSATPA official, event promoter or sled operator act un-sportsmanlike or unprofessional, the OSATPA Board of Directors will promptly address the issue.

Any puller or crew member found in violation of a rule(s) or the Code of Conduct at a sanctioned event will cause the puller to automatically be disqualified and the offending individual to be removed from the event at the discretion of the OSATPA officials. Additional action may be taken at a later date and time.

The OSATPA and OSATPA officials have authority to make decisions at each sanctioned event. This includes, but is not limited to, all facets related to the operations of the event and the right to suspend, bar, expel or disqualify any OSATPA member from the event without liability of any kind of nature

All rules will be interpreted by the Rules Committee. Any unforeseen problems and/or oversights will be ruled on the Rules Committee with their rulings being final.


Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

Any part falling off of the tractor after being hooked to the sled and until tractor is unhooked from the sled will result in disqualification.

Contact point of tractor must remain in bounds at all times. Out of bounds will result in disqualification.

For safety, no one is allowed on the pulling track when a tractor is pulling except the flag man. The only exception is someone helping a first time puller or under age / minor puller.


Any member can protest another member’s tractor in their division. The protestor’s tractor will be checked first, then the other tractor will be checked. If one or both tractors are guilty, that tractor will be disqualified from the class. Protests must be made BEFORE the class is over.


Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand brake, hand clutch, or throttle at all times during the pull.


Any tractor can qualify for points in a maximum of three (3) classes. One hook per class. If a tractor is not pulling for points, said tractor has maximum six (6) hooks. Any tractor can pull in any division if said tractor is pulling within the rules of that particular division.

Points are calculated on the six (6) best hooks/per class/year. Tractors must pull in a minimum of four (4) scheduled pulls/year to qualify for points. There must be two (2) or more tractors qualified for points/class to be eligible for a Championship jacket. ALL pullers must sign up their tractors for points in the desired class/classes any time BEFORE the beginning of the third scheduled pull date.


There is no allowance on weight for any class in any division. Weight of class is maximum weight allowed.


A finish line will be used at all events. If a tractor exceeds this distance, this constitutes a full pull and a measurement will be taken.


Speed cone distance will be set at half track. One beep after flag/cone will result in disqualification.


Wheelie bars are required IN ALL Divisions except Division 1. Wheelie bars should hold the weight of the tractor in its heaviest weight class. The wheelie bar is not to be attached to the draw bar or pulling hitch. Wheelie bar must be a minimum length; the front edge of the stabilizer bar can be no further forward that the rear most portion of the tire. The pads must not be more than 10 inches off the ground and must be a minimum of 5″x5″x1/4″ and a minimum of 20 inches from the outside of one pad to the outside of the other. Stabilizer bars can be made adjustable as long as you use Grade 5, 1/2 bolt or pin. The cross bar on the wheelie bars must not be in contact with the hitch chain to be sled.


Hitch material cannot be thinner than ¾” and not thicker than 1.25”. Hitch has to a 3.75” hole with 1” material thickness around the hole or a straight clevis bolted or pinned tightly to the drawbar with a minimum of 3.75” hole. Top of hitch adjuster cannot be above center line of axle or hub. Hitches and drawbars must be stationary in all directions. Hitches or drawbars cannot be moved when pulling down the track.


A working kill switch is required on all tractors in all Divisions except Division 1. Switch to be in plain sight, no lower than the deck plate.


Age of Driver: Age of Driver Must Be of Age That Will Enable Them to Operate the Tractor in a Safe and Proper Manner. Those under 18 Years of Age Must Have a Parent/guardian Signed Insurance Waiver, Good for the Season, on File with OSATPA.