1. Must be 100% stock!! No cross breeding entire drive must be same make as car ( chevy to chevy ford to ford and so on) Must appear to be factory engine to car with stock exhaust.

2. Engine must be mounted with stock mounts in stock position. No welding of mounts bolted only. No homemade cross members, cross members must be stock and bolted in not welded

3. Doors must be chained or wired. No more than 6 places.

4. Trunks must be chained or wired. No more than 4 places. TRUNKS MUST BE OPEN DURING INSPECTION! Car must have deck lid and or tailgate No welding or adding metal. Trunk lid must be in stock location. No tucking, wedging, pre bending, smashing, folding or anything else you can think of. No welding washers for holes.

5. Hoods may be wired or chained in 4 spots. X chain or 2 strands per hole. It must be sheet metal to sheet metal only. No welding washers for holes. Must be 12″ hole in hood in case of fire. Remove hood latch!!! Hood must be open for inspection.

6. .ANY TIRE PERMITTED DOUBLES PERMITTED, no foam filled tires no valve stem protectors

7. You may leave stock gas tank in stock location or you may relocate the fuel tank to rear floor of car if this is done you must use a fuel cell or boat tank no stock fuel tanks permitted inside of car. Must only have 3 gallons of gas. You may be asked to drain it if the gauge doesn’t work.

8. Windshield may be left in car OR you can remove windshield!

9. The following must be removed prior to entering the fairgrounds, windows, headlights, taillights, all chrome and mirrors. Interior must be swept clean of debris and glass.

10. Stock type springs and shocks. No solid suspension. SCREW IN TYPE spring risers ARE OK, NO wire, chains or any weld on rear ends or rear spring pockets. Cars must bounce & cars must be STOCK!!!!!


12 Paint front doors in contrasting paint. Example if the car is black paint doors white

13. Do not strip under the hood. Battery MAY be LEFT in stock location. But you may put rubber mat over it or spray with foam around it not excessively. Do not spray foam on anything else. YOU MAY MOVE THE BATTERY TO THE FLOOR OF THE CAR YOU MAY LENGTHEN CABLES TO THE REACH BATTERY ON FLOOR NOT THE WIREING HARNESS THIS WILL BE STRICKLY ENFORCED

14. you may use an 80 & newer bumper on car they must bolt on in factory location and manner you may collapse the shocks and weld all the way around the shock and the plate to bumper dec bumpers are permitted ends must remain open no metal added to bumper permitted. If car has no shocks bumper may be welded directly to frame with no metal added.

15. On the back side of bumper where shock mounts you may use a ¼” X 6” X 6” piece of flat metal to create a flat mounting surface.

16. If the car has a wiring harness in front of core support you may move it behind core support.

17. All body bolts must be factory stock no altering permitted.

18. Read all rules carefully and follow them! It will be a cheap easy build. Any questions call! There will be no stretching or bending of any rules or you will either run in the modified class or go home.