1. Any American made pick up, suburban and blazer type vehicles permitted.

2. Factory fuel tanks must be removed. You may run engine of choice. No kickers to distributor protector.

3. Fuel tanks must be located in the bed of the trucks in the in the center of the bed directly behind cab. No stock fuel tanks permitted. Fuel cells must be securely fastened and covered.

4. Battery may be moved to front floor of cab. Battery must be securely fastened to floor and covered.

5. All trucks must have seat belts. Doors must be secured by wire, chain, or welded shut no loose doors permitted.

6. Tail gates may be welded shut they may be welded to the bumper on the rear of the truck. Bed seams where the bed sides meet floor may be welded Inside of bed only no metal may be added.

7. Box and cab mounts may be replaced with up to 1” bolts body mounts may be removed. The body bolts may go all the way through the fame and floor of truck.

8. No trailer hitches or reinforcements of frame or body of any kind permitted. May use car bumpers for mounting of car bumpers you may use factory bumper shocks and brackets or a 3” X 3” X 5” long box steel or like wise material.

9. Hoods must be in place and operable must have a 12” X 12” hole cut in hood over carburetor.

10. Hoods may be wired or bolted shut only 8 double strands of wire permitted all can go to frame or bumper see full-size rules.

11. No 4 wheel drives permitted 4 wheel drives must have front drive shaft removed.

12. Tires no split rims. NO TRACTOR TREADS, or solid tires permitted. Any other tire permitted.

13. Beds must be welded to cab of trucks with a 3” strap directly behind doors.

14. 8 double strands of wire permitted on front and rear of truck all permitted to go to frame.

15. Suspension may be solid. Bumpers can be no higher than 22” from bottom of bumper to ground front and rear. Trucks must set level.

16. A 4 point cage is highly recommended in drivers compartment for drivers safety. The cage in the cab may have 4 down legs from front and rear bar straight down to the top of frame. Also a gas tank protector is highly recommended. Protector may attach to frame but may not extend further than 24” from the front of the bed.

17. Trucks must set level no pulling down rear of the truck. No smashing of the bed sides will be permitted. You must use factory springs for make and model of truck. You may use all thread for shocks.

18. On trucks with out front leaf springs you can have kickers from the dash bar to frame behind A Arms 2″ X 2″ square tubing or 2″ pipe only 1 per side.