(Book 139)

      Judging: Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. / Market Hog ID form due by May 4


      1. At the time of fair weigh-in, hogs must weigh between 210 and 290 pounds to participate in the championship drive. There will be no re-weigh of hogs.

      2. Hogs weighing from 200-209 or from 291-300 pounds will show in light or heavyweight classes and will not participate in the championship drive. They will be permitted to sell through the Livestock Sale. Hogs weighing 199 or less and 301 or more must be sent home by 8:00 a.m. on the day after weigh-in.

      3. Exhibitors may bring market hogs to the fairgrounds beginning at 8:00p.m. on Friday before the Fair starts, until 8:00 a.m. Saturday before the Fair starts, and all hogs must be in place by 8:00 a.m. on the day before the Fair starts.

      4. Ear tagging will begin at 9:00 a.m. the day before the Fair starts. Weigh-ins will start at 10:00a.m. Unwashed hogs will NOT be weighed.

      5. The order for the Junior Fair show will be the following: Gilts - purebreds followed by crossbreds - championship gilt drive, followed by Barrows - purebreds followed by crossbreds - championship barrow drive. The same judge will be used throughout.

      6. A Grand and Reserve Champion Market Barrow and a Grand and Reserve Champion Market Gilt will be selected.

      7. In every odd numbered year the Grand and Reserve Champion Barrows will sell first, every even numbered year the Grand and Reserve Champion Gilts will sell first in the Junior Fair Livestock Sale.

      8. All market hogs must be ear notched and all ear tags must be removed prior to fair. A hog with an ear tag will not be weighed; the exhibitor will be given the opportunity to remove the ear tag and return to the end of the weigh-in line.

      9. Market hogs must have hair at least one half inch in length on the body with exception of the ears and tail ONLY. (Note: The underline, along with the body, is NOT to have less than one half inch of hair).

      • If any market hog is in violation of this rule, the hog will be blocked; the exhibitor will be docked by the buyer, fined $25 by the Junior Fair Board, and barred from competition. A committee will identify clipped hogs with hair less than a 1⁄2 inch over the body (with exception of the ears and tail) at weigh-in, and their decision is final. Hair length may also be checked during the shows, and any hog found to be in violation will be barred from the show and from winning any awards.

      10. All hogs in violation of the hog hair rule stated above (#9) will leave the fairgrounds to be blocked for slaughter.

      11. Block Hogs will be released after 6:00 a.m. on Thursday. The base price will be determined by the block bidder.

      12. Hogs not being sold or blocked must leave the fairgrounds at the conclusion of the market show until 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

      13. THIS SHOW WILL BE PARTIAL-TERMINAL. Guidelines are as follows:

      1. Exhibitors can exhibit no more than 4 head of swine (see combinations allowed under swine rules) in the Junior Fair swine show.

      2. Exhibitors must declare which animal they will be taking home with them no later than thirty minutes after the final champion drive of the Jr. Fair swine show. Any undeclared animals after this time, whether for the Livestock Sale or being taken home, will be blocked.

      3. There will be absolutely no withdrawing an animal from the show, or attempting to have an animal disqualified from the show (ex. hair length), with the intent of taking the animal home. Anyone attempting to do so will be required to block the animal, and the money will be forfeited to the Senior Fair Board.

      4. The Grand and Reserve Champion Barrows and the Grand and Reserve Champion Gilts must be sold through the Livestock Sale and slaughtered in accordance with ODA policies and procedures.




      • Exhibitor may make a maximum of four entries. Allowable combinations: i) 4 purebreds, ii) 3 purebreds, 1 crossbred, iii) 2 purebreds, 2 crossbreds.

      • Following the Fair weigh-in, animals will be placed into the Barrow (purebred, crossbred) or Gilt (purebred, crossbred) show, and each show will be divided into classes and divisions by weight at the discretion of the Sale and Show committees.

      • PUREBRED entries must have registration papers at weigh- in. Breed standards must be met to qualify for purebred classes. This determination will be made by the swine committee at weigh-in. Any entry not meeting breed standards will be dealt with by the swine committee. The Jr Fair Swine Committee decision will be final. There is no minimum of entries needed to make a breed class. Purebred class winners will return for Division 1 champion. Crossbreds will then show as usual with division winners. Division winners crossbred and purebred will return for the final drive.