(Books 174, 175, 177, 180, 181, 184, 189)

      Judging: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

      Enrollment requirements & deadlines for 4·H activities:

      1. FIRST STEP Permission to Participate Form: DUE BEFORE HANDLING ANY EQUINE IN THE NAME OF 4-H.

      1. Every returning 4-H horse project member MUST submit a completed and signed Permission To Participate release form annually BEFORE s/he rides in any 4-H clinic, work sessions, parade, or other event or activity. Permission to Participate release forms may be obtained from 4-H Horse Advisors or downloaded from the website at www.shelby.osu.edu. Completed and signed forms will be kept on file at the OSU Extension Office.

      2. First year 4-H horse project members MUST participate in an Equine Safety and Ethics program as defined in the OSU Extension State 4-H Horse Program rules. The member and the parent/guardian must review Circular 191 R and view two videos, "Every Time, Every Ride," and "Horses, Kids, and Ethics."

      3. This program should be completed BEFORE s/he rides in any 4-H clinic, work session, parade, or other event or activity and BEFORE the Permission to Participate release form is signed. Contact the Shelby County OSU Extension Office to make arrangement to participate in this program.

      2. SECOND STEP Enrollment Rules: DUE MAY 1

      1. All project animals(s) for exhibit MUST be identified on an official OSU Extension Horse Identification Form accompanied by a new picture every year and entered at the OSU Extension Office. Only those project animals entered are eligible for exhibit at the Shelby County Junior Fair and/or OSF Jr Horse Show.

      2. If a member leases a project animal they must turn in the following:

        1. A copy of the lease

        2. Horse Identification Form

        3. Photograph of animal(s).

      3. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES in fair horse show entries will be accepted after 4:30 (except scratches). If an exhibitor is entered in the wrong age division, s/he will not be permitted to show in that class and will not be permitted to change an entry to the correct age division. All entries are based on age of child as of January 1.

      4. An animal carried as a project can be shown by only one 4-H member in the Shelby County PAS Show, at the Shelby County Fair, and in State Fair competition.

      5. Exhibitors with Special Needs Three classes are provided specifically for exhibitors with special needs: Walk & Jog Horsemanship, Musical Free Style, and Ground Roping for Exhibitors with Special Needs. Children are eligible to enter into other classes and are encouraged but this is handled on a per basis status with the permission of the parents and Horse Advisors. Side walkers and/or leaders are allowed if needed. Exhibitors may ride at the walk, jog or trot, but are not permitted to lope or canter.

      6. "Horseless Horse" members and youth enrolled in a 4-H horse project but without a horse project animal at the fair may participate in non-riding classes only: Ground Roping, Groom and Clean, and Fun Show. Cloverbuds and youth not enrolled in the Shelby County 4-H Horse Program will not be permitted to compete in any Junior Fair horse show classes, but are permitted to participate in noncompetitive, non-riding classes in the Fun Show.

      3. THIRD STEP PAS (Performance Against The Standard) Rules & Deadlines

      1. Only one properly identified and enrolled project animal may be shown by an exhibitor in the PAS Horse Show, a qualifying show for the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Shows. You must meet the requirements for Permission to Participate and 4-H Enrollment before being eligible for the PAS Show. The Shelby County PAS Show will be held on Sunday, June 26 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Class entries for this show will be due to the Shelby County OSU Extension Office on or before the Monday preceding the show by 4:30 p.m. The PAS horse show is open to any 4-H project member. More information about the PAS Horse Show program can be found on the County or State 4-H website.


      1. Measuring Horses: (for class entry eligibility). Horses/ponies of questionable height (14 hands to under 15 hands, or 56" to 60") must be measured to exhibit in pony classes. Animals over 58" will be classified as horses, and animals 58" and under will be classified as ponies. (See the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows for more details on how to measure properly). Questionable horses/ponies must be measured at the fairgrounds on the day of the Shelby County PAS Show by the PAS judge or other show officials. Ponies six years old and older measured two consecutive years 58" and under will no longer need measured. The last measurement will be the pony's final measurement for the Shelby County Junior Fair. Note: If the animal was last measured unshod and is now shod, the animal must be re-measured. Index cards will be issued to the owner and a copy will also be put on file. A junior fair board member and judge if present will sign card with date.

      2. Scratches may only be done by the exhibitor, a parent, or a 4-H Advisor. Scratches of animals are to be submitted to the Horse Club Advisors by 4:00 p.m. on the Monday 2 weeks prior to the first day of the fair. This information determines pen assignments. Exhibitors and parents may make additional class scratches at the Fair. Once an exhibitor has been scratched from a class, s/he cannot re-enter the class.

      3. Versatility Class Rules:

        1. Exhibitors must be in at least their second year of 4-H horse project work.

        2. Attire for all classes will be white, long-sleeve shirt with collar (no tie), clean blue jeans, and boots.

        3. The four events will be: Showmanship, Horsemanship, English, Pleasure, and Barrels.

      4. Any request to substitute an animal or early departure/late arrivals must be submitted to the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. on the Monday 2 weeks prior to the first day of the fair in writing to the Junior Fair Board.

      BODY SCORING AND ANIMAL WELFARE: Horses with a body condition score of less than a 4, obviously sick horses, and horses with a Grade 3 or greater lameness will not be permitted on the fairgrounds and/or will be asked to leave the fairgrounds. Show managers, fair vets, and judges can dismiss a horse from the show/fairgrounds for these reasons.

      SUBSTITUTION: The request should be accompanied by a veterinarian certificate or other documentation for a substitute. If they show in any classes, they must be identified by not wearing their back number so that the judge will know they are not to be placed.

      EARLY DEPARTURE/LATE ARRIVALS: This letter is intended primarily for State Fair participants in order for them to leave the county fair. Other situations will be considered based upon request.

      1. Any request to remove or change an animal within 2 weeks will be handled by the Junior Fair Board based upon the situation.

      2. Any request to remove an animal for medical or safety issues within fair week will be handled by the Junior and/or Senior Fair Board. If an animal is taken from the fairgrounds its exhibitor and/or parent of exhibitor without prior approval by the Junior and/or Senior Fair Board before its release time, that Exhibitor will be barred from exhibiting that species the following year at the Shelby County Junior Fair.

      3. Groom and Clean Classes: Horses measuring under 13.2 hands high or over 16 hands high will not be eligible for the class. Additional rules can be obtained from the State Extension website or locally from Shelby County Extension. Teams are allowed to be from other clubs in order to "make" teams.


      1. Each exhibitor will be assigned one stall per enrolled animal, with a maximum of two stalls. If there are not enough stalls available, the exhibitor will need to bring animals to the fairgrounds on specific show days. It is permissible to substitute projects as long as the exhibitor has at least one project animal on exhibit at all times.

      2. Horses will be accepted into the fair from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the day before the Fair starts and will be released at 11:00 p.m. on the day the Fair ends. At least one animal per exhibitor must be on display at the fair by 9:00 p.m. on the day before the Fair starts.

      3. Only those identified in the Uniform Rule book may ride the project animal.

      4. Per judge’s discretion, animals and tack may be inspected. Animals inspected for cleanliness and body condition. Tack inspected for cleanliness, good working condition, and proper type for class entered. This includes bits, bridles, and saddles. See 4-H Rule Book for guidelines.

      PREMIUMS: A • $3.00 B • $2.00

      Exhibitors may receive no more than three premium awards for exhibiting equine. First place winners will receive a Class Champion rosette, second place winners will receive a Reserve Class Champion rosette, and 3rd through 5th place winners will receive place ribbons. Championship class winners will receive Grand Champion rosettes, and second place winners of championship classes will receive Reserve Champion rosettes. Winners of classes noted with an* will receive trophies or awards

      MONDAY, JULY 24, 9:00 a.m.



      200. Showmanship - Easy Gaited, All Ages

      201. Halter - Mules and Donkeys, All Ages

      202. Trail in Hand, 8-13

      203. Trail in Hand, 14-18

      Championship – Trail in Hand, CLASSES 202-203

      204. Trail, 8-12

      205. Trail, 13-15

      206. Trail, 16-18

      Championship – Trail, CLASSES 204-206

      207. Mule Equitation - Walk/Trot/Lope or Gait

      208. Easy Gaited Pleasure – English or Western, All Ages

      209. Easy Gaited Equitation – English or Western, All Ages

      210. Reining, 8-12

      211. Reining, 13-15

      212. Reining, 16-18

      Championship – Reining, CLASSES 210-212

      213. Western Riding, 8-12

      214. Western Riding, 13-15

      215. Western Riding, 16-18

      Championship – Western Riding, CLASSES 213-215

      TUESDAY, JULY 25, 12:00 p.m.

      9:00 a.m. MUD HORSES

      9:00 a.m. MUD GROOM AND CLEAN HORSES at the wash rack. Contestants are responsible for mudding their own horse, then having the horse inspected for consistency. Animals returned to their stalls are to be tied to keep them from rolling and rubbing.


      216. Groom and Clean Contest, 8-13

      217. Groom and Clean Contest, 14-18

      7:00 p.m.


      Tack Inspection will take place for an hour prior to the start of speed events using a zip tie system. If no zip tie, then no ride. Judge will coordinate inspection.


      218. Key Hole, 8-12

      219. Key Hole, 13-15

      220. Key Hole, 16-18

      Championship – Key Hole, CLASSES 218-220

      221. Pole Bending, 8-12

      222. Pole Bending, 13-15

      223. Pole Bending, 16-18

      Championship – Pole Bending, CLASSES 221-223

      224. Stakes, 8-12

      225. Stakes, 13-15

      226. Stakes, 16-18

      Championship – Stakes, CLASSES 224-226

      227. Clover Leaf Barrels, 8-12

      228. Clover Leaf Barrels, 13-15

      229. Clover Leaf Barrels, 16-18

      Championship – Clover Leaf Barrels, CLASSES 227-229

      WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 6:00 p.m.

      Entry form, lyrics, and CD due back to the Extension Office two weeks prior to fair. Forms available online at www.shelby.osu.edu.



      230. Musical Freestyle, 8-13

      231. Musical Freestyle, 14-18

      THURSDAY, JULY 27, 9:00 a.m.



      232. English – Showmanship (Saddle or Hunt), 8-13

      233.English – Showmanship (Saddle or Hunt), 14-18

      234. English – Open Hunter on the Flat, 8-13

      235. English – Open Hunter on the Flat, 14-18

      Championship – Open Hunter on the Flat, CLASSES 234-235

      236. English – Equitation on the Flat, 8-13

      237. English – Equitation on the Flat, 14-18

      Championship – Equitation on the Flat, CLASSES 236-237

      10 Minute Over Fences Warm-Up: 1 run at course only.

      • English Jumping: Two levels are offered according to ability. Only one class may be shown in Equitation and Hunter Over

      Fences Divisions. Any entrant may enter the rail classes.

      • The course will be set up the same for all classes with poles set at appropriate heights. Intro to Jumping class is for the horse and/or rider that is new to jumping or never placed 1st in this class. English Open Hunter Over Fences is designed for the experienced jumper – see description in State Rule Book.

      238. English – Intro to Jumping Hunter, All Ages

      (jumps at @12” cross rails @ trot or lope; may enter 3 gaits on rail)

      239. English – Intro to Jumping Equitation, All Ages

      (jumps @12" cross rails @ trot or lope; may enter 3 gaits on rail)

      240. English – Open Hunter Over Fences, All Ages

      241. English – Equitation Over Fences, All Ages

      242. English – Hunter Hack Over Fences, All Ages

      243. Versatility – 2nd year+ Members

      FRIDAY, JULY 28, 9:00 a.m.



      244. Showmanship 1st Year Members Only, All Ages (all disciplines, may not enter in any other Showmanship class)

      245. Western Showmanship, 8-12

      246. Western Showmanship, 13-15

      247. Western Showmanship, 16-18

      Championship – Western Showmanship, CLASSES 245-247

      248. Walk & Jog Horsemanship*, All Ages, no pattern (for exhibitors with special needs, see Rule 2-E)

      249. Walk / Trot / Gait Horsemanship English or Western 1st Year Members Only, All Ages

      (may not enter any other Horsemanship class; may not exhibit all week faster than a trot

      no loping in any other class)

      250. Walk / Trot / Canter, Walk / Slow Gait / Fast Gait or Canter Horsemanship 1st Year Members, All Ages

      (may not enter any other Horsemanship class)

      *1st year members to show in only (1) of classes 235 & 236.

      251. Western Horsemanship, 8-12

      252. Western Horsemanship, 13-15

      253. Western Horsemanship, 16-18

      Championship – Western Horsemanship, CLASSES 251-253

      254. Western Pleasure, 8-12

      255. Western Pleasure, 13-15

      256. Western Pleasure, 16-18

      Championship – Western Pleasure, CLASSES 254-256

      257. Ranch Pleasure, 8-12

      258. Ranch Pleasure, 13-15

      259. Ranch Pleasure, 16-18

      Championship – Ranch Pleasure, CLASSES 257-259

      260. Ground Roping, 8-13

      261. Ground Roping. 14-18

      262. Ground Roping, Youth with Special Needs